The Suzuki Method is a life philosophy with large objectives. In addition to learning the mastery of an instrument, Twinkle encourages the overall development of the child :

  • By bringing them in contact from the earliest age possible with the European (classical) music culture
  • By helping them discover their love for music
  • By helping them to grow into autonomous persons (listen/observe – reflect – improve)
  • By developing, through daily work, a learning method that will be useful for the rest of the child’s life and that is applicable on almost any other subject
  • By learning the children to work together during the weekly group lessons. Music becomes a social happening
  • By developing the child’s artistic and esthetic sensitivity
  • By encouraging them to present themselves in front of a public (concerts from the 1st year)
  • By implicating the parents during the lessons and the daily work at home
  • By developing values and capacities from the earliest age : concentration, respect, search for quality, honesty, acquire mastery and skill, daring …
Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart.
dr. Shinichi Suzuki