The Role of the Parent

The Parent’s

role is of vital importance! The parent is therefore very much involved during all the child’s lessons. This is one of the main differences with other institutions that follow a more “traditional” learning method.

The parent often starts to learn the instrument together with the child and takes later on the role of the active observer during all the child’s individual and group lessons.

Once at home, the parent’s role changes from observer to mentor during the daily practice sessions of the child. It is the parent’s responsibility to create a positive and stimulating environment! It’s the parent who takes the responsibility of integrating the instrument and music into the child’s life by letting it listen to the audio recordings referred to during the lessons (inside the house, in the playroom, in the car…) and by working together with the child as indicated by the teacher.


The Teacher

engages himself above all to respect the child with his own capacities and personality and also the parent. During the moments of instruction, the teacher takes the responsibility to clearly show and explain to the parent how he’s going to work during the next week at home with the child. The teacher will also take time to answer to all questions, related to the subject of learning the instrument.


The Student

will on his part respect the teacher, listen to his instructions and respect the parent, who’s assisting him to the best of his capabilities during the daily practice moments.

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