The Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method doesn’t only consist of the learning of an instrument. It is much more a  life philosophy, developed by dr. Shinichi Suzuki in the middle of the 20th century.

Suzuki remarked that children from all over the world managed to learn their mother tongue with an impressive speed and facility !

The daily learning in their familial environment being the key to their success !

With those same basic principles, Suzuki started to teach young children to play the violin, which he called “talent education”. He was persuaded that every child is born with all of his or her talents inborn and that they can be developed through daily encouragement and practice. The Suzuki method is thus based on the basic principle of a natural way of learning, in which the child’s direct environment is very much involved.

Key Elements

Some key elements that might enlighten what the Suzuki Method consists of :

  • Every child has the ability to learn
  • Start as early as possible (from 4 years old)
  • Creating a positive and stimulating environment
  • Learn to play an instrument using the ears instead of music notation
  • Learn to play an instrument before learning the music theory and -writing
  • Frequent listening to music
  • The involvement of the parent is indispensable during the whole program
  • Work with a basic (internationally agreed upon) repertoire
  • A combination of private and group lessons
Every child grows ; everything depends on the teacher !
dr. Shinichi Suzuki